Call For Thematic Section Proposals

Proposal Submission Deadline: 15 June 2020

The Organizing Committee of the 13th International Symposium on Bilingualism is pleased to announce a Call for Thematic Section Proposals. The ISB 13 will be held 10-14 July 2021 in Warsaw (Poland).


The conference theme, “Bilingualism in Flux”, presents bilingualism as a dynamic and multifaceted phenomenon existing on a continuum. The in flux part of the theme is a twofold concept. First, it is understood as relating to non-linguistic circumstances that foster not only diverse, but also transient bilingual communities throughout the world. Nowadays, new waves of migration influence the linguistic status quo and enrich existing environments. Second, it pertains to the very processes taking place in language, a dynamic entity prone to changes. The fluctuating circumstances entail linguistic consequences reflected in the development of the second and further languages, cross-linguistic influence, language attrition, incomplete acquisition, and maintenance of heritage languages. Finally, the conference leitmotif highlights not only the local changes presently taking place in Poland, but also the country’s linguistic heritage.


The Organizing Committee of ISB 13 has adopted a modified procedure for submitting  proposals for this Biannual Meeting. In order to ensure maximum thematic transparency and quality of the meeting, as well as to increase the coherence and consistency of the individual sessions, the ISB Organizing committee asks to submit proposals for whole thematic sections.

The goal of thematic sections is to present current research on bilingualism-related issues. The Organizing Committee does not set any restrictions regarding topics of thematic sections, and, thus, suggests that thematic section organizers and participants articulate their own priorities and interests.

Formation of sections through an open call will approximate the Symposium to the needs and expectations of academic and expert community. Proposals that fit within the theme of the Symposium are particularly eagerly solicited. However, ISB 13 invites submissions in all areas of bilingualism and multilingualism (whether directly linked to the conference theme or not), including, but not limited to: linguistics, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics, applied linguistics, neuropsychology, first and second/ third language acquisition, clinical linguistics, language and education, and multilingual societies.

Application process: A guide for Thematic Section Leaders

  • Thematic Section Leaders submit a proposal for the complete section. Each thematic section should have at least two Section Leaders from different research centres (desirable from different countries) and no more than three Section Leaders. The thematic section proposal is submitted by only one of the Section Leaders.·
  • A thematic section consists of at least three presentations (papers) connected by a theme and involves a minimum of three speakers (not including Section Leaders). We also invite applications for sections that suggest thematic sessions, panels, round tables, workshops, etc.·
  • In the sections, the broadest possible consideration of the research field and cooperation between established and junior staff is desirable. ·
  • The Section Leaders can moderate the section and be involved in the section through their own paper(s). ·
  • The decision whether or not to accept a presentation in a thematic section, and matters regarding the final content, format and scheduling of any presentation, rest with Thematic Section Leaders. ·
  • The time allotted for an individual presentation within a thematic section is 20 minutes, with 5 minutes allowed for discussion. The time allotted for thematic sessions, panels, round tables, workshops, etc. is 90 minutes.·
  • To propose a thematic section please include the following:
    1. Names, affiliations, and e-mail addresses of the Thematic Section’s Leaders,
    2. Proposed title of the thematic section,
    3. A description of the theme and a justification of how the presentations connect and relate to the theme (an abstract for the section should include 5 keywords and should not exceed 3500 characters with spaces),
    4. A biographical note for each Section Leader, including 5 current publication (altogether no more than 7000 characters with spaces),
    5. The title, author’s names and affiliations for each proposed presentation included in the thematic sectionand
    6. A 2000-characters (with spaces) abstract for each proposed paper included in the thematic section.
  • Section proposals should be written in English.


The ISB Organizing Committee will select a number of proposed thematic sections based on quality, originality, and relevance.

The ISB Organizing Committee reserves the right to propose changes in the content of thematic sections to the Section Leaders. In the process of accepting proposals, the ISB Organizing Committee will also consider space and time constraints.


All thematic section proposals should be submitted through our online submission form by 15 June 2020. 

The ISB Organizing Committee will accept or decline proposed thematic sections by 15 July 2020.

Notification of acceptance is scheduled for 15 July 2020. 

Any queries regarding the academic content of the proposed thematic section should be addressed to the ISB Organizing Committee via before the 15 June 2020 deadline.

Best regards,
ISB Organizing committee