Dear colleagues,

The ISB Steering Committee is seeking nominations (including self-nominations) for three Consulting Members, to be elected at the Business Meeting in the next ISB13 that will be held virtually in Warsaw, Poland, July 9-14, 2021. The current Steering Committee of ISB consists of seven persons: one Chair, one Secretary, the outgoing and current organizer, and three Consulting Members. The outgoing organizer is Elena Nicoladis; the current organizer is Magdalena Olpińska-Szkiełko; and the incoming organizer of ISB14 will also be announced at the ISB13 Business meeting. The current Consulting Members finishing their 2-year terms are Tamar Degani, Pia Lane, and Lourdes Ortega, who were elected at the previous ISB12 in Edmonton in 2019.

The elected new Consulting Members will join the current Chair (Christos Pliatsikas) and Secretary (Merel Keijzer) of ISB for a 2-year term beginning in 2021 and ending in 2023. Starting this year, the Steering Committee has decided to reserve one of the three Consulting Members positions for an Early Career Researcher, defined as an active researcher in any field of bilingualism up to seven years post PhD award (pending approval by the ISB membership in the same business meeting).

Please submit the name of any person you wish to nominate or your self-nomination for any of these positions, along with a short motivation (two or three lines), and do so before the 31st May 2021 by using this form. Informal queries about the role can be directed to Christos Pliatsikas (