The ISB 13 Organizing Committee and the ISB Steering Committee are pleased to announce the 13th International Symposium on Bilingualism. The Symposium will take place on 10-14 July 2021 at the University of Warsaw in Poland. Due to the uncertain situation caused by the pandemic continuing to spread around the world, the conference has been moved on-line.

The conference theme, “Bilingualism in Flux”, presents bilingualism as a dynamic and multifaceted phenomenon existing on a continuum. The in flux part of the theme is a twofold concept. First, it is understood as relating to non-linguistic circumstances that foster not only diverse, but also transient bilingual communities throughout the world. Nowadays, new waves of migration influence the linguistic status quo and enrich existing environments. Second, it pertains to the very processes taking place in language, a dynamic entity prone to changes. The fluctuating circumstances entail linguistic consequences reflected in the development of the second and further languages, cross-linguistic influence, language attrition, incomplete acquisition, and maintenance of heritage languages. Finally, the conference leitmotif highlights not only the local changes presently taking place in Poland, but also the country’s linguistic heritage.



Thematic sections



Organizing Committee

Agnieszka Andrychowicz-Trojanowska
Ilona Banasiak
Silvia Bonacchi
Anna Borowska
Marta Kaliska
Dominik Kudła
Agnieszka Leńko-Szymańska
Katarzyna Malesa
Magdalena Olpińska-Szkiełko
Mateusz Patera
Piotr Romanowski
Małgorzata Szupica-Pyrzanowska
Magda Żelazowska-Sobczyk

Steering Committee

Christos Pliatsikas (Chair)
University of Reading
Merel Keijzer (Secretary)
University of Groningen
Lourdes Ortega (Consulting Member)
Georgetown University
Pia Lane (Consulting Member)
University of Oslo
Tamar Degani (Consulting Member)
University of Haifa
Elena Nicoladis (Outgoing ISB organizer)
University of Alberta, Edmonton
Magdalena Olpińska-Szkiełko (Incoming ISB organizer)
University of Warsaw

Keynote speakers

Agnieszka Otwinowska-Kasztelanic
University of Warsaw, Poland
Between psycholinguistics and language education: Is „cognate awareness” a bonus in learning L2 words?

Stephen May
University of Auckland, New Zealand
The multilingual turn: Implications for language learning and teaching

María Luisa Pérez Cañado
University of Jaen, Spain
Looking back to move forward: A research-based wishlist for the future of bilingual education

Adam Jaworski
University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
The place-making signs of tourism: Multilingualism, multimodality, materiality, emplacement.

Christa Van Der Walt
Stellenbosch University, South Africa
Duelling languages: families and schools in multilingual contexts

We regret to inform you that the plenary talk planned to be delivered by Professor Adam Jaworski has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control

Early Career Scholar Speakers

Kamil Długosz
Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland
Grammatical gender in a third language: The role of cross-linguistic influence and input factors

Aleksandra Olszewska
University of Florida, USA
Multilingual spaces of possibilities and becoming: Refugee-background students in Poland

Vincent DeLuca
UiT-The Arctic University of Norway
Language experiences and neurocognitive adaptations: a tale of two spectrums

Anne Beatty-Martinez
McGill University, Canada
Cooperative language control: An exploration